Dear worthy Parents,

“School is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside.”

In keeping with this dictum we are an educational institution that is tech savvy, focusing on education based on technology as well as on moral values.

During the past almost 17 years of its journey BGS has stood the test of time, has built a fair name and has established itself as an institution worthy of trust. Every step of its journey has been highly inspiring and heartwarming. We are rooted to our traditions, culture, heritage and in the process never forgetting our moral and ethical values. All this is done at an affordable cost so that parents do not feel the pinch.

I assure you that in coming years also BGS will prove itself as your best choice. We as a team shall leave no stone unturned to build a bright future of your child. ‘Education is light’ is the motto of our school and we’ll keep spreading this light amongst our dear students.